A vist to Chicago and my lovely daughter Sara

Short vist to Chicago. A walkabout with the Fuji X20 camera.

Morning coffee at Sara's home 
A window view of Clark Street
Early morning fog, walking the streets of downtown
Tranis,bikes or on foot, Chicgo never sleeps
The view from Lake Shore golf club.  A nine hole beauty on the south side of Chicago
Lucky timeing for our vist as the Chicgo Blues Fest was going on.  Great music in Grant Park and free!
Dinner at Jane's in Logan Square with Charley.
CTA!  Best way to get to Wigley field for Cubs baseball.  
Short vist to Sara's studio.  She shares space with a few other artists and screen printers.  Beautiful work
Dinner at Chicago Athletic Club hotel and Restaurant with David and Victoria.  One of the coolest bars in downtown, they have a play room and a couple of very beautiful bars.
A view from Cindy's resturant at the Chicgo Athletic club
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